The gig apocalypse hath cometh!

These are upcoming online gigs,
plus you can check out Laurie's
music and art streams on twitch,
or give a little love on Patreon.

Twitch Scratch Night

Saturday 17 Oct, 8pm UK


Noisegun! Episode 6

21 Oct, 7pm UK


Laurie Black: Bad Luck Boss

Glasgow Fest of Burlesque Online

Friday 13 Nov, 10:30pm UK


Neo-cabaret performer, compère, musician and writer.  Winner of Best Emerging Artist at Adelaide Fringe 2018 and Best Show at Newcastle Fringe (AU) 2019.

Keys player for Anya Anastasia's Rogue Romantic and Briefs Factory Sweatshop with Mikelangelo.  Host of legendary La Clique Noël, Edinburghs Christmas 2018-19.

As seen on BBC's Edinburgh Nights.

Background by Lauren-Becki Rowlands