Adelaide Fringe 2018

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

After a week at Perth Fringe World, and a week of intense rehearsals in Adelaide, I'm ready and kicking at Adelaide Fringe!

You can find me in THREE shows:

1. Bad Luck Cabaret - my alt-cabaret variety show, late night at Gluttony's La Petite Grande

2. LAURIE BLACK: LIVE - my apocalyptic solo show, two shows only at La Boheme

3. Anya Anastasia's Rogue Romantic - I play keys in an all girl band with songs about love, loss and relationships!  Plus, in this newly updated show I get my very own headset mic, and there may or may not be a duelling pianists piece between myself and Anya!  Every night apart from Mondays at Gluttony's Spiegel Zelt (my favourite venue EVER)

PLUS loads of spots in other shows including PUSSY POWER and more!

Picture by Daniel Sutherland


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