Black Lives Matter

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Obviously and if you don't agree then go sit in a corner and think about the importance of equality and being kind to your fellow humans. Then read of some very helpful resources that can help empathise with the problems at hand.

There are so many good resources out there for understanding the problems, being a better ally etc etc so I urge you to do some reading and watching, even if you're already doing good there's ways for us all to get better!

Until the end of June I'll be donating 25% of the proceeds on my ALIEN tshirts to BAME causes, but before you purchase from the middle man (white/green girl) I'd recommend buying whatever you're looking for from BAME companies and individuals to start off with. Not just as a token gesture now but keep on doing it, change your habits and support your BAME friends.. also fuck Amazon and Dollskill etc etc (

This stunning photo is by my good friend and bandmate KURO who cut his ALIEN tee into a crop top and used the scraps to make a face mask. So darn cool! Kuro himself has some bangin' merch and shiny latex goodies (some of which I modelled) so check them out at

There is no leaving this planet for another one, we gotta fix what's going on here. So let's do that together. Black lives matter.

Lastly, the link for buying my tees is here


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