Lockdown List

Hey pals, it's been about a month of the lockdown here in the UK - we're allowed to go out to exercise, for essential shopping or work and that's about it! So we've got a lot of time on our hands and our brains are processing a LOT so let's not be too hard on ourselves for not writing a book or Fringe show... ;)

Instead of forcing myself to be creative, I'm using this time to learn and research and watch things I've not had time etc to before so this is my list (I'll keep it updated) of interesting/fun/quirky things you can watch or engage with during this lockdown!


- My entire YouTube collection including live vids, music vids and other shit! ;)

- Hedwig and The Angry Inch (find it, hold it, cherish it)

- The Nomi Story (Klaus Nomi documentary, v good for performance art / cabaret nerds)

- Upright by Tim Minchin (I LOVED THIS, you can watch on Now TV)

- Feel Good by Mae Martin (another fab TV series by a great comic, on Netflix)

- Tiger King (need.I.say.more)

- Freaks (old school circusy sideshow film)

- Metropolis (one of my faves, a banger from 1927! Clips from this have been used in some Queen music videos)

- Yesterday (a fun film about if The Beatles never existed..)

- Nos Amis (Bataclan/Eagles of Death Metal documentary on Netflix, you will cry)

- 9 Life Lessons by Tim Minchin (I love him okay)


- The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck - Mark Manson

- Happy - Derren Brown

- Tank Girl

- Brave - Rose McGowan


- KURO (one of my best mates and band mates)

- David Ryder Prangley - Black Magic & True Love (I played piano on track 4)

- Honeybone (very good pals from Melbourne who have new music out soon) - Anything by Ministry (especially good for your exercise routine!)

- This Is A Trent Reznor Song (LOL if you love NIN)

Background by Lauren-Becki Rowlands