Hey hand-washers! As an asthmatic who's had some issues with breathing in her life (dramatic I know) I'm starting to social distance as much as possible. This is the first time I've ever had to cancel a show, but due to the uncertainty around COVID-19 (coronavirus) I've decided to postpone Friday night's show of MOCKSTAR at The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh. The show WILL GO ON, I'm just not sure when yet! In the meantime I URGE you if you're happy and healthy to go support the The Voodoo Rooms as they genuinely are such babes and they deserve your money and support. So pop in and buy a drink off them please thanks ❤️

Everything is changing so quickly and nobody really knows what's going to happen, I'm hoping I can still resurrect Bad Luck Cabaret (ironic I know) on 16th April at Nice N Sleazy in Glasgow but I'll keep you posted!The gig apocalypse cometh, so lots of my income is compromised.. if you'd like to support what I do I have a patreon page where I'll be posting much more since I suddenly have much more time on my (squeaky clean) hands. I've just decided I'm going to write a new album this year so there will be previews/demos of that plus backstage show stories, full photo sets (no nudes pervs) and moooore. Or you can buy any of my albums on iTunes etc or merch here x

That's it! Be kind, be safe & don't be a dickhead. 💖

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