Online Gigs & New Song

Hey kids! How's it going? Just thought I'd throw together a list of some of the online gigs I've been up to.. most of them just stream live and then disappear into the pixelated stratosphere, but a few of them are still online to see if you're missing your fix of me dickin' around with my synth ;)

Gilded Balloon's Sofa Setlist

I'm on at 33 minutes-ish, but it's a great lineup I'd recommend watching it all!

The Online Jam Society

I'm on at about 1 hour in, BUT I love this crew sooo much, we did actual real life live shows together at Edinburgh Fringe last year so defo watch it all.

Spangled Cabaret

My Glasgow cabaret clan! Again, watch the whole thing as they are all excellent. I'm on 46ish minutes in.

PLUS I've just made a brand new song and video that you can watch right here right now - and download for free on the MUSIC page. Happy consuming! LBx

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