BAD LUCK - Laurie Black [CD]

BAD LUCK - Laurie Black [CD]


Laurie Black's 2nd album BAD LUCK on physical CD.  13 tracks written, recorded and performed by Laurie Black.


Track listing:

1.  Bad Luck feat Adam Lightspeed

2.  Queen Bohemia

3.  Smokes & Mirrors

4.  The Power


6.  Motorcycle Boy

7.  Scissors feat My Bad Sister

8.  Kasino Quits feat David Ryder Prangley

9.  Vandalism feat David Ryder Prangley

10. Mermaid Tears

11. Alcolove Song

12. Moonshine

13. No Fucks feat Liam Peel


(c) Laurie Black

Album photo by Lauren-Becki Rowlands.

Background by Lauren-Becki Rowlands